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Unlike the KKK , Prohibition is not usually considered in connection with racial boundary enforcement or Far Right movements. Enforcement of the law reflected this not only in the differential targeting of working class immigrants and African Americans, but in the active role played by organized community vigilante groups, including the KKK. The repeal of Prohibition under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was part of the realignment of national political processes associated with the New Deal, 14 bringing the largely immigrant, urban, industrial working class into a political coalition that implemented progressive social welfare policies in part through the deliberate exclusion of African Americans.

The contemporary concentration of opiate use among native-born, non-urban Whites has discouraged punitive substance control policy, but in other ways the current moment has some sociopolitical analogies to years ago. This is also a time of extreme inequality, a second Gilded Age, and a period of consolidation of changes in the structure of capitalism. The early 20 th Century solidified an industrial economy while the current period has seen a shift to financialization; each of these transitions came with significant technological development and change.

The early 20 th Century was also the last time the U. The right-wing resurgence did not begin with the populist nationalism that elected Trump, and is unlikely to end in four years regardless of who wins the and elections. The enforcement of Prohibition led to a significant expansion of policing and penal systems in the U. These historical examples suggest the potential for a political response, perhaps by the Democratic Party or a populist movement less racist than Trumpism, which offers some economic relief but re-inscribes White supremacy by bringing together U.

The exit polls 20 show the seeds of this in a right-wing direction, with 29 percent of both Latinxs and Asians voting for Trump. For example, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, is a conservative Democrat with a strong neoliberal track record and marked hostility towards both unions and low-income communities in New York City who shows signs of national ambitions. If history is a guide, the hallmarks of a re-inscription of Whiteness would benefit the middle class in a significant way while leaving out the urban poor, particularly the non-White poor.

It is vital to remember that the expansion of Whiteness intrinsically involves the simultaneous re-inscription, and perhaps expansion, of Blackness. Trumpism and the Unstable Ground of Whiteness. Naomi Braine. Not like in Seattle, where there is so much emphasis on being anti-racist that actually deconstructing what it is or looks like to be racist falls by the wayside. Honestly, I found being black in Seattle exhausting and fatiguing.

Once away from it, I realized how deep my physical, spiritual and mental health had been impacted. For me, leaving created an opportunity for me to come back home to the south.

For all of its ills, I find some peace here. Macon, Georgia is our new home. It is deep south. I love your hair! Yes, my natural hair is fly. But does it warrant random strangers losing their minds over it, no. Seattle, you have a whiteness problem. The ethos of solidarity is empty unless there is a real, honest examination of whiteness. Whiteness beyond privilege. Whiteness beyond fragility. Now deal with whiteness as culture. Whiteness as supremacy. Whiteness as more than a background all around. Whiteness as visible and present danger when it goes unnoticed and unchecked.

Black folks can and should sit this one out. White folks this is on you. Deal with it. Figure it out. Do better. Be better. Green previously served at While at the fellowship, Sonya researched how language, attitudes and approaches in journalism narratives can perpetuate stereotypes about race, class and identity. Featured image is a cc licesned photo by Seth Sawyers. I have a question, where will we go? Black, pink, brown, yellow, regular people can not afford this town anymore. There is hardly a city out there that is not undergoing a bidding frenzy.

We are priced out, what next? Like Like. A good question. The Midwest has a lot of really prime real estate at rock bottom pricing. And thats including housing, business and industrial areas as well as plenty of agricultural opportunities, both urban and rural.

The infrastructure is there, its just unused and they are selling it off to anyone who will buy. With their population declining, the political and other systems are also open to our candidates and efforts as well. Plus probably have money to travel when you aint trying to be there. If you have just about ANY business idea, you are also much more likely to get it approved there as well as secure the funding for it.

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Like Liked by 1 person. But Detroit is another example of a city, like Seattle, New York, Oakland, even Baltimore , where the real estate bidding war sets in. Soon it will be only for the rich. They aint running out anytime soon. Wow, Beth. No, whiteness is not a two way street. Like Liked by 2 people. Easy for you to say BETH, many white people have discriminated against people of color for years. If the shoe was on your foot you would be forced to recognize the power of wrong teaching being handed down from generation to generation. The poison of social media, and the rejection of Jesus Christ!

People have chosen to deprive themselves and children of what love, compassion, and most important integrity that fuels respect for self while fueling evil people with the antidote to self hate. Own the history your ancestors created and be a part of change, not the problem. Try God. White comfort is all about keeping the status quo, all the while pretending that people of color had done fictitious role in creating the racial mess in which we now live.

My responsibility is to my community, and I own that. Boo-hop all you want to, but blacks never asked for any of this. Accept it. Maybe but probably not and any way we can only change ourselves. I am Native American and our history is full of the same behavior, as is much of White history if you go back far enough. Since the author lived in Seattle for 12 years I suspect her frustration is about more than the mistaken behavior of a particular woman, or the normal response of cops to a call for help.

I work in Information Technology, skills I learned in the Navy that have helped me build a good life in Seattle. Still, I see few people of color pursuing technical fields, though I know our organization is actively recruiting for minorities across the country. By the way, I myself have thought twice about changing plates in public, some people are quick to judge and who needs to create a scene? Use some common sense and get that huge chip off your shoulder! Good for you about making the move. As a Chicano, I fully support your articles sentiments here. You stated, with more eloquence and patience than I can muster, my feelings on this situation.

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Seattle’s Inability to Address Its Whiteness Problem Made Me Say Goodbye for Good

Race almost certainly plays a role, leading someone to call the police rather than just approach the person directly. Also inspired by the officer who gave you a hand. Removing a license plate in a public lot is suspicious? What I have learned from my experiences and those of other black people is that anything any individual white person does not like WILL provoke suspicion and in their minds warrents a call to the police especially IF there is a person of color involved.

You could just as well argue it the other way. Mind your own business. Calling the police when seeing someone black changing their license plates, means you want them humiliated and violated by police. You know that if shit goes wrong, they can get killed in front of your eyes.

I wish all of Seattle could read your comment. Dont know if it would evoke a change in them, but at least they could no longer claim ignorance. I was in Northgate, a northern suburb of Seattle, a couple years back and locked my keys in my car. A lady called the cops on me because it likely did look suspicious. The cops showed up and a little African American lady came out and explained why she called them on me.

It was annoying but made sense. I agree, changing the plates in public will attract onlookers and they probably did not ask questions because in fear of being in danger. You also need to walk in their shoes too. But instead of looking at the negative, you should look at the positive. That officer realized the truth and lend you a hand! But my question is, changing the license requires a tool to remove the license plate. The difference is if she had been a white lady in heels and a suit no one would have given her a second thought, except maybe can I help you?.

That is racism. Like at all. I already understand their racism, ignorance and privelidge, its not my responsibility to coddle them even more. C Its called a screwdriver and if you dont know anyone who has the tool in their car, you should consider expanding your circles lol D If the responding officer hadnt have been professional and the author had been incarcerated, injured or killed over nothing illegal, you would likely still find an excuse to justify the unjustifiable….. She was multitasking… You know because she has a limited about is time for lunch.

And a bonus, why doubt her experience? The fake smile and fakes liberal mess while being stabbed in the back. One other think, why in the hell does she have to change her story to make you or any other white person feel comfortable with HER truth. Lay in the bed feel them nasty sheets and bread crumbs.

This sounds completely crazy. More often than not, the passerby would not call the police if the person removing the plate was white. I have seen people call the police just because a white person liked the interior of a car and was just peaking thru the window of the car for only 30 seconds.

Then the person went into the grocery store and went about his business. Then when police arrived, they went into the store searching for him and questioned him. Mind you, I am not white nor black. But I was discriminated against by my black manager at T-Mobile. It just depends on every individual person whether your black, white or Asian.

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As a Mexican who went to graduate school at UW, I totally understand what you are saying. I left as soon as I finished. I dont know how to like your comment in return. But Im heartened to know even though you dipped out, you got your learn-on because a UW degree goes a long way from what I understand. Props to you. The writer is so on point with her commentary. Seattle is so sickening right now. Having lived in the CD for many years and trying to qualify to buy a house in , with a new wife and family. But turned down by all the lenders for a loan was only the beginning of the racism that has been more overt over the years.

The only comfortable place a Black person could coexist in was the CD. Now you get looked at like you a damn alien! Very depressing and frustrating place to be. Everywhere you go in this city you are looked at like suspect. I bought some property down south several years ago. Great article. Thank you for your closing sentence, I can not agree more wholly as so few people throw the ball in our court where it belongs.

I know that person, he wanted to go over and scream at that lady but he knew his badge would be taken away. They want to be good people but they have lived in this white mono-culture that they simply just do not know how to live and rejoice in heterogeneity. It is a fucked up situation in Seattle. I cannot claim to say i have the answers…. But I thank you for throwing the ball at our feet…. We will keep trying.

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What are your sources? Can I clarify? Valid point I was using numbers in a non-empirical way. White people can and do steal drive license plates. On top of that, the cop investigated the situation appropriately and then even helped you installed your license plate. What was racist in his interaction with you?

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The second example is that people complimented your hair. Is it rude for a person with a different skin color to compliment someone else with a different skin color? Although being called racist in Seattle is a pretty big insult, so I can see some people really try hard to be inclusive and welcoming to all people.

The intent is good, but maybe the execution is poor? Additional clarification and discussion on these examples would be great. The treatment Brown people receive in Seattle and the denial that accompanies it makes the liberal claims so much worse.

The Racist History of Portland, the Whitest City in America - The Atlantic

The denial and patronizing attitudes as they commit these acts makes it even more difficult to deal with. That is white privilege. The fact that someone saw that exact behavior as suspicious is definitely about race. I wish Sonya the best of luck in Georgia, and we white people need to be better and more willing to call this out. I was born and raised in St. Louis and I also lived a short time in Virginia before moving here. I agree with your points so eloquently put but I am obligated to say we as black people must start dealing with these issues head on.

Missouri is one of the most racist states in this country and so many black people want to move because of it. Seattle has the same issues and so many people want to move. Its time to stop running from these issues, addressing these issues and help these cities become more of the change we want to see.

We are running out of places to run to because white people and their systems are in place nationwide. Too many strong black people have been rendered powerless so they give up. We must fight for restorative justice, equality, and our freedom to live and fight on level grounds. Yup, you got it. But dont let it get you down Big Mama, just do you and be the best person you can be…..

Seattle’s Inability to Address Its Whiteness Problem Made Me Say Goodbye for Good

Johnson, so nice to meet you, Mr. Johnson, oh, we JUST rented the apartment out to the person who stopped by 10 minutes ago…. Some people are lost causes, but what would you say to white people who want to build those bridges and are afraid their cluelessness will be misinterpreted? I love Chris Crass below and his thoughts on awkward whypepo. I remind folks all the time that white people who talk about race are often awkward when doing it and we should help them along. I still miss the state I began my life in, but Western WA is fantastic.

Just ask all those drivers with out-of-state licenses. Way to diminish everything she said. She described my experience exactly and I moved from LA and was fully committed to Seattle for the long haul. You can blame me and ignore our experiences or you can consider them and work to make seattle a more welcoming less uptight place. Thats a common not so passive passive-aggressive response I have heard personally whenever the situation gets to much and a person vents either vocally or online …..

I am an infrequent visitor to Seattle and have never met as many whining people as I have here. Everyone needs to gtfu and learn how to get along. I cringe every time I read something pertaining to this issue. Try a more cosmopolitan place such as New York City. So like most places out here, people will associate and date outside their races in NYC, but generally dont live together in community. That does not help the situation.

Seattle has always been this way. I moved here from Northern California in and worked downtown for a large bank institution. The looks and treatment I received from many whites were patronizing and comments uncalled for. It was their problem.. I am sad you felt you had to move. Further I would like to say that in this town blacks do not speak to each other or try to connect. It is the oddest feeling I have ever experienced. Another thing I notice is that when other immigrants move in to black communities they have a very low opinion of the black community and that includes Africans, Vietnamese, Indians from India and others.

They set up businesses to sell to black residents with overcharged prices and rude attitudes. I have found Hispanics to be more friendly and open. I have been followed around in stores dressed as a professional until I call them on it. The bank I worked for turned me down for a home loan until my Senior VP boss got on their case. I lived in Mount Baker and was there when Columbia City was beginning to be occupied by white businesses and many young white couples were purchasing homes because Bellevue and Issaquah was too expensive.