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These are spectacular displays that literally light up the night sky.

An Experience Beyond Food

With an estimated 1 million spectators and over 20, fireworks there are none bigger or more dazzling than the Sumida River Fireworks. Kagurazaka Matsuri July 23? Its atmospheric backstreets still evoke the Edo Era, with cobblestones and geisha going about their business.

New Sushi Sora Restaurant Opens At Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo (Japan)

During the Kagurazaka Matsuri, the whole area is filled with music, food and awaodori dancing. One of its most important historical festivals is the Hozuki-Ichi Fair. Held to commemorate Yonman-rokusennichi , the Day of 46, Blessings, Hozuki-Ichi is an event unique to both Sensoji and Tokyo and a noteworthy day out for any visitor. Kimono There can be few more iconic images representing Japan than the geisha clothed in an ornate kimono.

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Kimono appeared in Japan by the 5th century, reaching the form we find today by the Edo Era. Today, kimono are worn more for special occasions and encompass a wide variety of materials and colours.

9 Must-Eat Restaurants in Tokyo, Japan (Watch This Before You Go)

Kimono occupy a special place in Japanese culture and at their best are stunning works of art and craftsmanship. Bonsai The bonsai tree has become a global symbol of Japan. The patient cultivation and shaping of these miniature trees has been perfected over centuries.

Zagat 2009 Tokyo Restaurants (Zagat Survey: Tokyo Restaurants)

Reaching a new level of complexity during the Edo Era, bonsai can now be found all over Japan in remarkable variety. Tea ceremony At first glance a simple rite, the Japanese tea ceremony is a complex service recalling themes with a profound cultural reverberation in Japan.

But this year's survey reports a first — the average cost of a meal fell by by a marginal 0.

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The Zagat London Restaurants survey includes ratings and reviews of 1, eateries in the City and Greater London, based on the input of 5, local restaurant-goers. The number of meals eaten out dropped from 2.

When asked what effect the economy has had on their dining habits, surveyors confirmed that they have tightened their belts. The travails of the economy may also explain why hard-up Londoners are tipping less — Tim Zagat, co-founder of the guide, said: "London's dining habits have clearly changed. Quite simply, they are being more careful with their money. Having received a pasting in other recent restaurant guides, Gordon Ramsay's flagship establishment at 68 Royal Hospital Road takes Top Food honours in this survey, while his restaurants also scored second and third positions for popularity.

The noodle bar Wagamama is again the most popular restaurant, while Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons wins the top plaudit for service. And there is more good news for diners, in further signs that restaurants have survived the recession.

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The British restaurant industry is now "so vibrant" that The Good Food Guide has expanded its list of top eateries, it announced today. There are now so many high-calibre restaurants in the UK that the guide's edition lists 50, rather than the 40 of previous years. While Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay still top the list, as announced last month, The Good Food Guide also includes a number of new young chefs and a string of restaurants scoring high marks.

Amura - Dr. Phillips, Orlando. Restaurant Info, Reviews, Photos - KAYAK

Editor Elizabeth Carter said there had been a recent culinary revolution, giving Britain a new gastronomic lead over France. And she said despite the economic downturn, high-end restaurants appeared to be riding out the recession, with more UK chefs making the grade. Despite the credit crunch, the British restaurant scene has never been so vibrant," she said.