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Each of the finalists will move on to Round 2, and will be sent physical cubes to further develop their game , as well as receive detailed design feedback, and have access to ongoing support to complete their game over the next month.

The winner of Round 2 will receive the prizes listed here. Frank has also shown some great development skill on the Sifteo platform. He pulled a lot of graphical complexity out of the Sifteo Cubes and backing Squaresville with his own level editing system.

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Looking forward to seeing what kind of perception twisting level design Frank can build into Squaresville. We really look forward to seeing more great content and art in Cube Cafe. Arnaud de Brock really embraced the experimental nature of the competition and it caught the eye of almost every judge.

Alternative gameplay and game design is rewriting the narrative

Even in this prototype, the combination of twitch and puzzler is reminiscent of games like Portal and Hundreds. Niek also provided a great design document with proposals for how to take the game forward in interesting ways. Our own puzzle design gurus at Sifteo saw a lot of great opportunity here.

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Players rush out into the maze with little direction, trying to be the first to reach their goal. The trick is, once they find it they must trace their steps back. This juxtaposition of frantic competitive play with skilled memorization really drew us to Parapluie. We look forward to seeing Simon and team polish and evolve these mechanics during the next month.

Each honorable mention will receive a Sifteo t-shirt, detailed feedback from the Sifteo team, and a discount on hardware to continue to polish their prototypes. In no particular order, they are:.

Game design

I think I need to work on my serve. If you were selected as a finalist or honorable mention, we need some additional information from you! Please send the following to contact at experimentalgameplay.

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  5. Congratulations again to everyone who submitted an entry , and good luck to the finalists! About Games submit. Tower of Pixel, by Alan Zucconi Build a tower out by digging and carrying blocks, simple but surprisingly addictive. Station Repair Squad , by 0xh Use different construction ships to build and repair a space station based on blue prints. Dig up dirt to build houes, apartments, and monuments. Draw Ball, by Brandon Game Name:Frenzy Construct a path by drawing with the mouse to guide your circle through a maze.

    Seed, by Roan Contreras Collect circles with your square in increasingly difficult levels. Beautiful music! Brick Toss, by Jesse Manipulate a slingshot to toss bricks. Requires an Xbox controller. Growstruct, by tcstyle No gameplay, but a simple tree generation toy. Sifteo Cubes Competition Results!

    See you next month, with a nice classic EGP style competition coming up in the month of April! Sifteo Cubes Competition Round 2 For Round 2, sets of cubes have been mailed out to each of the finalists from Round 1. Here is some info to keep in mind for Round 2: The deadline for Round 2 submissions has been extended to Friday, March 8th.

    Required Qualifications:

    Submit your final build and any videos etc by posting a link to your blog, youtube, etc in the comments of this post below. Either simulator or real live footage is ok. The Sifteo folks have offered to review one in-progress build for each game over the course of the month to provide feedback.

    Sifteo Cubes Competition Round 1 Finalists!

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    An address where you would like the set of cubes mailed. Are you eligible and interested in an internship at Sifteo in San Francisco? Honorable Mentions: Please contact us and provide the following. An address where you would like a t-shirt mailed. Round 2 will begin soon! We're a group of indie game developers, running a friendly competition every month. The rules: Make a game based on the month's theme, and don't spend more than 7 days.

    What does a gameplay designer do?

    Stakeholders can choose from various options to address the present challenges to the food system and come up with solutions to detrimental food habits, trends and crises. In a similar vein, government simulation games, like Democracy , enables you to take control of a virtual country as its elected head, and negotiate between global capitalism and soft socialism from within a complex federal structure of electorates. There is a custom-made neural network of parties, policies and pressure groups; the game even takes voter complacency and cynicism into account.

    The game tells the story of Nazi occupation in a point-and-click adventure, making use of dialogues, interactive comics and actual footage, to create a unique and historically accurate narrative. This marks a clear shift from traditional AAA combative games that allow players to embody the role of the aggressor. Here, players can simulate the experience of the historically marginalised and persecuted communities, without dehumanising them.

    Another element of modern warfare — exodus and immigration — is handled with the utmost care and starkest detail in Bury Me, My Love , This War of Mine and Papers, Please. The first defies conventional form of survival games, insofar as it facilitates narrative by means of conversation not representation between the player you and a refugee the woman you love via text. Pope had notably run into a snag with Apple over a body scanner feature that enables you to check if people are snuggling anything or lying about their gender.

    This War of Mine is another war survival game developed by 11 bit studios, that is creating some real change; all its proceeds have been donated to British non-profit War Child and is reportedly helping children across Afghanistan, Iraq, the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Yemen with summer schooling and finding foster families. The growing body of independent games is devoted to creating safe spaces for queer gamers and integrating trans literature in gaming.

    Hurt Me Plenty , is a provocative gay-spanking simulator, designed to explore sexuality and consent — exactly the kind of game the Gamergate community would love to hate it had launched a smear campaign against a female game developer in , for creating a text-based game called Depression Quest. It is an autobiographical Adobe Flash video game she developed to recount her experiences of gender dysphoria and hormone replacement therapy. Served up as part of sex education curriculums in schools today, Dys4ia is a vital step forward in trans representation in media, but it is only the beginning.

    Independent game developers over the decade have addressed the inherent problem with ableism and absent diversity of ethnicities and genders, and attacked new dimensions of modern warfare. Numerous games have also injected doses of bureaucracy-in-the-time-of-oppression into difficult subjects like press censorship and surveillance. Games inform and challenge our conceptions of identity, narratives and culture. It reduces, if not completely eliminates , the barrier between your reality and that of the character you embody. This adds the dimension of choice and reveals how you navigate problem areas in the process.

    In doing so, it often helps drive a point home more powerfully than the one-dimensional consumption of literature, art, photography or cinema. But video games, in the traditional sense, still struggle to overcome some deeply rooted prejudices. Studies have found that someone who is apolitical when it comes to real-life politics can be easily influenced by elements in gaming sub-communities complaining about women being in Battlefield multiplayer , a lesbian being on the cover of Overwatch and black women on the cover of Far Cry , or being excited torturing feminists in Red Dead Redemption 2.

    The diversity of voices in the games mentioned is supplemented with the increasing democratisation of game development. Subversive game-playing techniques are flanked by subversive practices in design like modding. The inability of blockbuster video games to present a coherent political message is, to some degree, a result of the way in which they are constructed, argues one-man designer of political games, Robert Yang. Developers like Anna Anthropy also advocate making free tools available to amateurs.

    At the same time, as Valens notes, diversity in game writing teams alone can lead to more realistic character development, interesting characters, and stronger scripts. Because games are the form of culture that is most intrinsically related to those things, to systems, technology, information, and mediated communication. Just as society in the 20th century gave rise to cinema and television, this century, where information technology is being supplanted by ludic technology, games might overtake the moving image anytime.

    And with democratic and public institutions taking that very important step to endorse games as agents of governance, sustainability, history learning, philanthropy, navigating prejudices and issues like immigration — besides facile entertainment — play is likely to become a more dominant culture. This essay was originally published in PopIQ.