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His efforts nearly brought universal adoption of Buddhism in china. During the end of the 6 th century — Sui and Tang dynasties restored order. Postclassical era in China was an age of intense interaction.

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Merchants commonly traded along major routes and Buddhism spread beyond its homeland. Japan, Vietnam, and Korea all remained distinctive but were heavily influence by china. In the late 6 th century — Yang Jian ambitious ruler of northern China brought all of china under imperial rule for 30 years Tang would later follow the Sui. Jian began his rise of power when a Turkish ruler appointed him as duke of Sui. Finally gunpowder was invented. Gunpowder in the Tang was not used in bombs for the military; however they were used for fireworks for the rich to have celebrations.

Since there is only mostly cartilage in the foot in this age the foot began to form in this smaller shape.

When the daughter starts to age her feet grow into a little ball because of how their foot is wrapped. This put the rich females out of work putting even more of a burden onto the slaves and peasants. Only the rich could afford to be out of work, so only the rich people practiced foot binding.


The foot bindings led to an even bigger gap between men and women in the Confucian social hierarchy. The men were always on top of this hierarchy, but since many women had club feet they were unable to work, thus making this gap bigger.

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The men had more control over the women because they got stronger when the women got weaker and unable to work. Their religion, Confucianism, led their decisions in the government. The strong government led to a strong, fierce military force, this military led to the expansion of China and the reestablished safety on the Silk Road. All government officials practiced and followed Confucianism.

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I also noticed a growing abundance of green within Tang style uniform and artworks, a colour scheme which deviates from the more traditional yellow and red colours of luck and health. Please message me or comment here if you have any other questions or wish to ask me something else. Dear Hwei, thank you for the kind messages.

I think you should start with books or readings on the Han and Tang dynasty, both are often lauded as the most important periods of Chinese history. Whilst this is a vast oversimplification I do see both periods as golden years for China. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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