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Brief history and current state of affairs in each area; good for quick study but slightly dated. Dean W. Max Oettli, Culture Shock Switzerland , 3rd ed. Grant Evans, ed. Relevant to: Laos. Describes new versions of capitalism that East Asian nations have developed to suit their social milieux. Patr of Culture and Customs series. Relevant to: Nigeria. Samih K. Farsoun, Palestine and the Palestinians , 2nd ed. Relevant to: Palestine. Relevant to: Czech Republic. Helen Fedor Ed. Slovenia's transition from a socialist self-managed economy to a social market economy, its approach to Europe, and consequent transformation of its economic institutions.

Renee C. Weaving together press stories, observations, and research from economics, law, psychology, and sociology, Frankel draws a disturbing conclusion: Those in positions in trust are less trustworthy and our society is weakened by this trend. Relevant to: Oceania. Relevant to: Bosnia. Thomas L. Friedman, From Beirut to Jerusalem, 2nd ed. Reads like a novel. Relevant to: Lebanon , Israel , Middle East. Gachechiladze, R. Anthony French ed. Javier A. Martin J. Gannon, Rajnandini Raj K. Gannon is an expert in cross-cultural management who has lived and worked in several countries. Phillip T.

Carol E. Relevant to: Slovakia. A bad novel but a fascinating and intimate account of traditional Muslim culture in Egypt, although one must correct for the author's Hindu viewpoint. Relevant to: Austria. Final chapter is, "Australians talk about business networking and values. A traditional history. Relevant to: Africa , Middle East. Janet N. Guanxi lies at the heart of China's social order, its economic structure, and its changing institutional landscape. It is considered important in most every realm of life, from politics to business, and from officialdom to street life.

Who said Gaddafi had to go?

This volume offers the latest scholarly thinking on the subject by top China sociologists whose work on guanxi has been influential and by new scholars offering cutting-edge insights on the topic. Joaquin L. Gonzales, Luis R. David F. Good, Ruth Wodak, eds. This anthology is more about the U. Rob Goodfellow, ed. Contributions include: The new order: President Suharto's government and economy in historical perspective; Culture and language: The rich tapestry of Indonesian society; Understanding Islam and business in Indonesia; The Chinese Indonesians and business; An introduction to Indonesian corporate culture; The culture of economic change in Indonesia: From rapid economic growth to the national car policy; Management in Indonesia: A state in transition; Westerners and business in Indonesia: A meeting of two minds; Indonesian business almanac.

Raymond L. Interesting treatment of household manners. Apparently directed primarily to those who will be guests in a Latin American home, but relevant to anyone living in the region. David Hampshire, Living and Working in Canada , 4th ed.

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  2. Problems in Physics for Advanced Level and Scholarship Students: SI Version;
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David Hampshire, Living and Working in London , 4th ed. Dennis M. Relevant to: Denmark. Relevant to: Morocco. It has become central to political debate with the rise, on one side, of Jean-Marie Le Pen's extreme right-wing party and, on the other, of Islamist terrorism. Hargreaves unmasks the prejudices and misconceptions faced by minorities of Muslim heritage and lays bare the social and political neglect behind the riots of At this writing not yet released. Robert E. Handloff, Mauritania: A Country Study , 2nd ed. Part of Passport series.

James Heitzman, Robert L. Worden, Bangladesh: A Country Study , 2nd ed. These are the things that Moroccans know inherently, without being taught. The result is an intriguing look through the eyes of an American trying to make sense of Moroccan culture. Relevant to: Brazil. Francis X. James E. David E. Nigel Holden, Cary L. Mark T. Relevant to: Netherlands.

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  • Quanyu Huang, Joseph W. Comparisons are made to corresponding Western thought processes. He shows some of the meaning that getting and showing possessions brings to Singaporean lives. He discusses food, clothing, the Singapore presence of the globally ubiquitous McDonald's, deals with uses of language Singlish, Hokkien and class, and local cinematic representations of Singaporean culture and society.

    He deals with the interactions of culture in Sinagpore and the influence of the Japan-Hong Kong-Taiwan-Korean-China axis on local youth culture. He helps show us how multiple layers and registers of cultural exchange play out in Singapore. Hudson, Sandra W. Meditz Eds. Relevant to: Uruguay. Basic cultural facts and a good deal of practical advice. One chapter on doing business.. Helen-Louise Hunter, Stephen J. Portrait of life in North Korea. Practical advice, with a brief chapter on social and business customs. Relevant to: Pakistan.

    Osamu Ikeno, Roger J. Davies eds. Bruce Ingham, J. Iwaskiw Ed. Relevant to: Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania. Adam Jolly Ed. Relevant to: Uzbekistan. Kenneth J. Jones, Panama Now , Focus Publications ISBN "The book is now in its fourth edition and has become a standard reference work, a top seller at bookstores and news stands throughout the Republic and sought-after by investors, scholars and travellers.

    Part of Culture Smart series. Tauris ISBN Contains only a limited discussion of culture, but there is a dearth of books on this country.


    She shows the internal contradictions of a country in every sense at the crossroads, reconciling its bloody past with an uncertain future She assesses the impact of regional developments on the reform movement in Tajikistan, and in turn examines how changes in Tajik society which is the only Central Asian country to have a legal Islamist party might affect the region.. Ann T. It then presents real-world examples of how these methods have been used in business organizations to analyze various phenomena, including consumer behavior, marketing, product design, organizational change, globalization, and diversity.

    Daniel R. Joseph learned that people grossly underestimate the influence culture has in business, as well as in economic and political development.

    Cosmopolitanism, Markets, and Consumption | SpringerLink

    Deniz Kandiyoti and Ayse Saktanber eds. Robert D. This book reports on several sub cultures that are dysfunctional due to some disruption, such as colonial domination, civil war, or environmental crisis. It is fascinating reading. Because Kaplan was there, on the ground not in the tourist hotel , his account has the unmistakable flavor of truth.

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    Paul D. Kennedy, Doing Business With Kuwait , 2nd ed. More a pamphlet than a book, but draws an interesting contrast between Chinese and U. More a pamphlet than a book, but draws an interesting contrast between French and U. More a pamphlet than a book, but draws an interesting contrast between Spanish and U. More a pamphlet than a book, but draws an interesting contrast between Italian and U.

    More a pamphlet than a book, but draws an interesting contrast between Korean and U. More a pamphlet than a book, but draws an interesting contrast between Taiwanese and U. More a pamphlet than a book, but draws an interesting contrast between British and U. Relevant to: U. Harold R. Kerbo, John A. Alexandra Kett and Jane E. Nadine Kettaneh Ed. Stories by short-term visitors are often of limited value, but some of these give a taste of real life for ordinary people in the Middle East. The essays in this volume challenge the largely positive interpretation of Ireland's changing social order.

    It identifies the ways in which culture and society have been made subservient to the needs of the market in this neo-liberal Ireland. Kitten, Adam Jolly, N. A realistic slife of life from Micronesia. One of the best books in the series. Succinct but insightful coverage of Indian culture and religion. Loads of practical advice. One of the few books to talk about children. Basic etiquette. Sensitive study of three Japanese family-owned businesses. Josephine M. Khu Ed. Relevant to: Moldova. Victor T. Relevant to: Malaysia. Harvey F. John H. Koo Ed. Hispanic market. Benjamin A.

    Eva S. John E. No information available on the book. Relevant to: Ghana. These collisions occur between the local and global, between traditional and modern, between Catholic and secular, and between rural and urban. They have become apparent in a variety of changes - changes in patterns of rates of suicide, in patterns of consumption, in representations of Irish celebrities, in patterns of home ownership, in the rise of tribunals, and in a variety of other points of public discourse and Irish culture. Rajesh Kumar and Anand Sethi, Doing Business in India , Palgrave Macmillan ISBN "Kumar and Sethi describe the Indian political, socio-cultural, and economic environment, exposing the constraints and opportunities that the environment poses for the foreign investor.

    Relevant to: Melanesia. They have a pro-democracy political agenda but contains many observations of Burmese culture. Relevant to: Myanmar Burma. Terry G. Relevant to: Iceland. Relevant to: Belgium , Netherlands , Luxembourg. Somewhat dated, but a good account by a journalist who traveled around sub-Saharan Africa for 4 years.

    Relevant to: Africa sub-Saharan. New edition of a book by a journalist based in Cairo. Basic facts about the Arab world, dispelling some Western myths. It does not contain individual sections on the Arab countries. Relevant to: Lithuania. She retraces Orwell's path through Burma while serving as a police officer there. Focuses on Yoruba and Zulu religions book title is therefore much too broad but gives an excellent treatment of these two, based on the author's personal experience.

    Fred H. Alena V. Ledeneva, How Russia Really Works: The Informal Practices that Shaped Post-Soviet Politics and Business , Cornell University Press ISBN "Explores practices in politics, business, media, and the legal sphere in Russia in the s--from the hiring of firms to create negative publicity about one's competitors, to inventing novel schemes of tax evasion and engaging in 'alternative' techniques of contract and law enforcement They enable corporations, the media, politicians, and businessmen to operate in the post-Soviet labyrinth of legal and practical constraints but consistently undermine the spirit, if not the letter, of the law.

    Relevant to: Uganda. Paul A. Paul Leppert, Doing Business with Thailand , 2nd ed. Practical information about the Thai economy, and tips on how to get settled. Some information on customs and culture at the beginning of the book. Some of the practical information is dated. Relevant to: Thailand.. Relevant to: Ireland. Richard D.

    He compares communication styles among the Finns and other cultures, including Asians, Americans and Europeans, and he explores the most dominant cultural values that define the Finns. His extensive experience with Finnish business allows him keen insight on leadership style, negotiation strategies and the uniquely Finnish suomi kuva Finland image.

    Relevant to: Guyana , Relevant to: Central America. Relevant to: Albania. Peter Lienhardt, Ahmed Al-Shahi, Shaikhdoms of Eastern Arabia , Palgrave Macmillan ISBN "Peter Lienhardt discusses the common social patterns manifest in their tribal structure, the relations between men and women, the economics of pearl fishing, the growth of towns, and the complex relationship between the ruling shaikhs and their subjects.

    Duncan Light Ed. Richard A. Richard Lord, Culture Shock Germany , 3rd ed. Relevant to: Germany Larry T. Part of Culture Shock business series. Mamarinta P. The title is misleading. Mabbett, David P. Peter Mansfield, The Arabs , 2nd ed. A good primer, dated but widely read. Half history and half current situation. Noel Malcolm, Kosovo: A Short History , HarperCollins ISBN "Noel Malcolm, a British historian and journalist who has written extensively about the Balkans including a companion volume of sorts on Bosnia , provides an overview of Kosovo's long-standing cultural divisions in his 'short history' although, at more than pages, a not so short book.

    Relevant to: Norway David R. Joseph R. Masih, Robert O.

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    6. Twenty-Five Lessons for Medium Voice, Op. 10, Nos. 13-25.

    Relevant to: Armenia. Relevant to: Mauritius. Relevant to: Botswana. Iftikhar H. Knight, eds.


    Relevant to: Cameroon. Click "Countries" for individual country profiles. Relevant to: Africa in general and all of its individual nations. Relevant to: Hungary Mark W. Sandra W. Relevant to: Egypt Helen C. Part of Culture and Customs Series. Relevant to: Algeria. Brief but authoritative treatment of Mexico's complex history. Perhaps a bit on the scholarly side for the general reader. Anthony Milner Ed. Relevant to: Bangladesh. Waltraud Queiser Morales, Bolivia: Land of Struggle , Westview Press ISBN "Considers the vibrant Indian culture, the mismanaged resources, and the foreign political and economic intervention as a microcosm of the third world.

    Historical background that helps one understand the city. Relevant to: Hong Kong. Terri Morrison and Wayne A. Scott Morton, J. Social changes and departures from tradition are becoming more common in this conservative country. The revised edition of [this] popular work Conversations with 7 experts about stereotypes of Arab culture, Arab-Israeli conflict, mass media coverage, history, Islam, and Arab worldviews. Relevant to: Middle East , Africa.

    Relevant to: El Salvador. Chapters are devoted to the French obsessions about World War II and the war in Algeria and how these events still shape attitudes and policies. Other chapters explore the French insistence on precision in language, their sense of private space, and the effects of immigration. Relevant to: Nepal Arthur A. Natella Ed.

    George O. Relevant to: Mozambique. Germany's social market is also discussed, as is the German need for order, desire for security and sense of responsibility. Relevant to: Germany Harold D. Nelson, Mozambique: A Country Study , 3rd ed. The author draws on his extensive bilingual and bicultural experience to provide readers with an insightful look at many key aspects of doing business with Japan, ranging from initiating and maintaining business contacts, effective interpersonal communication, decision-making styles, negotiation tactics, presentational speaking, working of Japanese multinational companies, and living and working in Japan.

    Relevant to: Africa. Quick summary of customs, arranged alphabetically. Peter North, Culture Shock! Relevant to: Oman Margaret K. Covers all the basic points for understanding the cultures of Arabic-speaking peoples. Chapters on beliefs and values, friendship, emotion vs. Specific country sections are one to five pages. Richard F. Nyrop, Donald M. One of several good histories, but this one is short enough to read pages. Last two chapters discuss recent state of affairs through about Relevant to: Liberia. Kefa M. Fintan O'Toole, The Lie of the Land: Irish Identities , Verso Books ISBN "As its booming economy has suddenly pushed Ireland into the ranks of the richer European countries, O'Toole's observations--informed by an impressive appreciation of history and the arts, and a desire for the Irish to become more tolerant of other cultures-- have never been more relevant.

    Part of Culture and Customs of Africa series. Unavailable at this writing. Relevant to: Zimbabwe. Adebayo O. Part of Culture and Customs. Relevant to: Angola. Relevant to: Latvia. Relevant to: No particular region. Joseph A. By all accounts the best available book on Brazilian culture. The author is intimately familiar with Brazil but writes very much from a U.

    Relevant to Brazil. Steven Palmer, ed. One section contains essays on "Popular Culture and Social Policy. Relevant to: Ethiopia. Malcolm C. Relevant to: Indonesia Pertti J. Well-known study of the cultural effects of introducing new technology. Relevant to: Australia , New Zealand. Relevant to: Sudan. Covers "the political and economic context, developing business opportunities by sector, making investments. Paula Pettavino et al. It provides a look at Cuba in relation to the rest of the world: the effect of its revolution on Latin America and the Caribbean, its alliance with the Soviet Union from the s until the collapse of the Soviet bloc in , and its tumultuous relationship with the United States.

    The Cuba Reader also describes life in the periodo especial following the cutoff of Soviet aid and the tightening of the U. For students, travelers, and all those who want to know more about the island nation just ninety miles south of Miami, The Cuba Reader is an invaluable introduction" Relevant to: Cuba. Relevant to: Mexico , Central America. Polly Platt, French or Foe? Relevant to: Aentral America. Susan E. Hugh Poulton, Who Are the Macedonians?

    Relevant to: Macedonia. Sabrina P. They discuss economic change, political parties, and the uses of history since To understand the patterns in Croatia, they examine how civic values have been expressed, reinforced, and sometimes challenged through religion, education, and the media. The implications of nationalism in its various manifestations are treated thematically in all the analyses.

    Toivo U. Raun, Estonia and the Estonians , 2nd ed. Relevant to: Estonia. Clive L. George W. Jukka Rislakki, The Case for Latvia. A Latvian-speaking Finnish journalist claims to examine objectively some common historical and cultural beliefs about Latvia. While Brazil's economy and governance seem to be stabilizing, its people, Rohter argues, are stuck in a pattern of long-held race and class prejudice. Having spent 14 years in Brazil, Rohter is able to share many personal anecdotes, lending his concise effort tremendous color.

    Carlos Rizowy and Robert Crane eds. Fifteen authors with backgrounds in business, academia, politics, and the highest levels of policy making investigate the Latin American business culture. New insights are given into Latin America as a diverse, not homogeneous, continent with specific and regional perspectives. Andrew Lawrence Roberts, From Good King Wenceslas to the Good Soldier Svejk: A Dictionary of Czech Popular Culture , Central European University Press ISBN "Roberts' book follows in the tradition of recent scholarship that seeks to emphasize the importance of popular culture and the wealth of knowledge that can be gained through an analysis of the daily lives and practices of individuals.

    Focusing on popular songs, movie stars, famous athletes, traditional dishes, and children's games that are second nature to every Czech, Roberts' work serves as an introduction to Czech popular culture. James W. Part of Culture and Customs of Asia series. Thomas P. A study of a large Japanese bank. Focuses on how culture influences organization and the ritual meaning of company songs, ceremonies, training, etc.

    Steven D.

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    Relevant to: Romania. Much needed book on everyday Chilean culture. One chapter on social and business customs. Relevant to: Israel. Chris Rowley Ed. Mohammed Saad, Development through Technology Transfer: Creating New Cultural Understanding , Intellect ISBN "The first study in technology transfer to use company-specific examples to enrich an exploration of the complex and dynamic issues involved. Focusing on the experience of companies in Algeria, this book describes technology transfer as more than the hand-over of new technology hardware. Inside story of a large service organization.

    Focuses on labor relations, gender and race issues. Some cultural information. Relevant to: Jordan. Steven J. Omar Sattaur, Nepal: New Horizons? Andrea Matles Savada, ed. Well-documented studies of several regional cultures, followed by general implications for management. Patrick L. Relevant to: Germany , USA. Ronald M. David W. Putnam's Sons, Madison Ave. Readable account of economic role of expatriate Chinese, with historical depth. Woodrow H. Provides a frame of reference for understanding the phenomenon known as 'post-Soviet syndrome. Jennifer C. Drawing on original interviews, this book argues we must look to the defining period of transition, and the workings of the transition governments, to understand how politics in these countries changed since the fall of dictatorial one-party states.

    This book won't strain your intellect, but it's fun. Organized around short anecdotes that deal with the countries listed below. Abstract International business endeavors require people to communicate across cultural and national boundaries. Please note you might not have access to this content. You may be able to access this content by login via Shibboleth, Open Athens or with your Emerald account. If you would like to contact us about accessing this content, click the button and fill out the form.

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