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Hence the name. Use your fingers or a large toothed comb to create this version of the fauxhawk. But what does that mean? A fauxhawk with man braids? Where do we sign up?

Just look how cool this version of the fohawk is! The high fade works incredibly well with the intricate braiding on top. It makes the model look like an ancient warrior come to life in modern times! Have you ever heard of Victory rolls? They are a hairstyle from the 40s and 50s predominantly worn by women who wanted to celebrate the victory of the Allies in the Second World War. But you can easily adopt this hairstyle if you want to create a one of a kind, pin up fauxhawk.

FAUXHAWK | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Say hello to the neon blue fauxhawk. Non-traditional colors are still a big trend this season as well. This is just an example, of course, because you can get absolutely any color you want! It requires a shaved head. Except for a thin strip of hair on top that goes from the forehead to the nape. Traditionally, that strip of hair would be either very short, as it was worn in the military or spiked up. The punk subculture of the 70s and 80s wore Mohawks with shaved heads and very long, gelled spikes on top.

It was a symbol of rebellion against tradition and the 60s generation. These are the classic versions of the Mohawk. Therefore, a fauxhawk or a fake Mohawk is one in which the strip of hair on top of the head is usually wider. Instead, they have been replaced by a plethora of styling choices. They include curls, waves, dreads, man buns, afros, man braids, and more.

The Faux Hawk (And How To Style It)

These choices depend on the trends of the day. With the fauxhawk they are usually faded or tapered. Men also get hair designs. But this is typically true for teenagers or boys.

What Is a Fauxhawk?

Moreover since the latter has an immense history and a lot of cultural significance. The first man to have ever worn a Mohawk is believed to be someone who lived some years ago in Ireland. Yes, you read that right! His mummy was discovered wearing said haircut. Scientists came to the conclusion that he used oil and pine resin to get his hair to stand up like that. Another group of people who wore this haircut intensely were the Mohawk tribe in Native America.

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They were believed to prefer the haircut for practical reasons. It helped them ward off lice and other insects that surrounded them. Also, it made it impossible for their enemies to scalp them and take their skin as a battle trophy. The Mohawk moved into a different kind of battle when a soldier of Native American descent fought in the Second World War. He served with the st Airborne Division. It was also called the Filthy Thirteen. People believe it was him who introduced this haircut into modern America. Later on, as mentioned, the hairstyle became a symbol of the punk subculture.

The members of this group sought to shock the rest of society with a theatrical hairstyle that would put them outside the boundaries of polite norms. Apart from that, this haircut was unisex. This means it gave them the opportunity to support one of their main causes which was equality between sexes. So hold the cake for now.

However, most specialists seem to believe it was somewhere in the early s. Possibly between and Apart from that, even more voices link the appearance of the fauxhawk with the one and only David Beckham. Of course, it seems fair to point out that David Beckham did not probably dream of this haircut at night on his own. Most likely his hairstylist saw it being worn somewhere, Becks liked it, and the legend was born. Decades later, men are still wearing fauxhawks. Even though this is quite a forgiving haircut, in the sense that you can mix and match any style you want, there are still a few criteria that separate a truly fabulous fauxhawk from a mere fade with a few spikes on top.

The first criterion you need to check off your list is a dynamic style. In other words, a fauxhawk can never be flat or lack in motion. Add as many angles as you can to your styling process because angles are the ones that make the hairstyle dynamic, powerful, and energetic. The fauxhawk cannot be boring. Just like there was never such a thing as a boring Mohawk or a boring punk, you cannot commit the sin of wearing a boring fauxhawk either. If you made the conscientious choice of wearing this haircut, you need to go big. Your fauxhawk needs length.

Allow your hair to grow to at least a few inches so that you can use it to style your hair into a gorgeous pompadour, quiff or even traditional spikes. The classic Mohawk came with a shaved head. Therefore, because we have now moved away from that period in time, the fauxhawk has to be different. Try wearing an undercut or a fade.