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Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This collection is an engaging exploration of how Bourdieu's key concepts - field, habitus and capital - help us re-think the status of childhood.

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The authors are committed to improving the social status and well-being of childhood in social, economic and political worlds that too often fail to accord children respect for their human rights. Mavis Hetherington, Richard M.

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Child development in social context. Holloway and Gill Valentine.

Children in the new millennium : environmental impact on health. Christensen, Sara Harris and Laura E. Subject: Children.

About this book

Child development. Other Authors: Alanen, Leena. Toggle navigation MENU. Subjects Series Authors Blog About. Beyond Bourdieu. Will Atkinson.

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Pierre Bourdieu is arguably the most influential sociologist of the twentieth century, especially since the once common criticisms of his determinism and reproductionism have receded. Now, however, his intellectual enterprise faces a new set of challenges unearthed by decades of sympathetic research: how to conceive the relationship between society and place, particularly in an increasingly global world; how to recognize the individual as a product of multiple forces and pressures; how to make sense of family relations and gender domination; and, ultimately, how to grasp how we each come to be the unique beings we are.

This book tackles these challenges head on, starting from the philosophical core of Bourdieu's sociology and taking in hints and suggestions across his corpus, to propose a range of novel concepts and arguments.

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In the process it outlines a new way of looking at the world to complement Bourdieu's own — one in which the focus is on the multiple social structures shaping individuals' everyday lives, not the multiple individuals comprising a single social structure. Buy Now From Wiley. Table of Contents. Acknowledgement 1.

Introduction 2. The Lifeworld 3. The Field of Family Relations 4. Social Becoming 5. About the Author. Show More.

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