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Thank you. Her eyes blaze like coals. She is queenly, serene. She came back to say thank you. I am simultaneously overjoyed and profoundly ashamed of myself. Be kind to everyone you meet, for you may be entertaining angels unawares. And never forget that you, too, are an angel, perhaps especially when you least feel like one. You cannot write the library without writing the librarian.

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Because the personal is political , we carry our whole selves to work with us every day. At present, there is no room in our professional discourse for creative expression beyond a certain number of limited outlets, unless we christen ourselves Library Mofos or adopt an Annoyed pseudonymous posture of detached superiority. Bad satire and anonymous ranting aside, we have no voice for the collective library shadow. We have no vehicle for expressing that which is unacceptable, no crucible for transforming our imperfections into works of art that might heal our wounds.

I deem this unwise, and declare open season on the culture of library science by inviting its poets, artists and madwomen in the attic to bring forth that which is within them, before it destroys them. Although I have little use for theory, it occasionally proves helpful. Thanks to deconstruction , we are free to create a new librarianship by examining all that we have steadfastly refused to say, and all the ways we have not explored to say—or not say—it. Water finds its own level; I am here, I have decided, to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. My role in librarianship is akin to the one I played in high school: to sit in the back of the metaphorical classroom and ask uncomfortable questions in the hopes of someday getting an answer.

Why are we in such a hurry to embrace a clinical, digital future in which technologies become our gods instead of our tools? Why do we insist that the future lies in e-readers when census data indicate that, as of , 43 million people lived in poverty? Why do some academic librarians behave as if public librarians are brainless half-wits, and why do public librarians let them get away with it? Why does Seth Godin get to dictate what the future of the library should be? Have we all collectively lost our professional minds? I hereby declare library science a deconstruction party, and you are all invited.

Exhibit A: unlike those in my office, the walls of the Telephone Reference Room go all the way up the ceiling, and are further safeguarded by a sturdy, locked door. E-books do not sing, or, if they do, sing at a pitch I cannot hear, much like the high-frequency whistles that appeal only to dogs. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the digital shadow, I fear no evil.

My peers may regard me with horror, much as Prospero and his visitors looked upon Caliban with disgust and disdain. And yet, as I travel through the stacks on my daily rounds:. I do not know, however, how much longer I can hold out. It is long past time to come back a short distance correctly, to become, once again, the repository of myth and magic, the sacred shrine of story, the domain of democracy, the labyrinth of legend.

Go thou and do likewise. But fret not: if you hurry, you can get in on the ground floor of my next brilliant idea, Library Job-hunting Boot Camp. She would also like to thank Hilary and Eric for serving as lead editors on this piece. I think my inability to keep up with the conversation could probably be a personal failing, but more likely reflects the sheer amount of f2f work I am still doing in this digital day and age. Skip to main menu. Skip to main content. Skip to footer.

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Books and eBooks. See All Books and eBooks. See All eLearning. See All Posters, Bookmarks, and Gifts. See All New and Noteworthy. View Cart 0. ALA Member:. Item Number:. AP Categories:. A, C, I. Filled with nuts-and-bolts advice on how to increase the library's value to its users, her guide: defines the essential characteristics of effective content marketing; explores methods of audience assessment; demonstrates how to optimize content for sharing; explains the elements of an editorial calendar for sustainable content, and shows how to create once and re-purpose many times; describes meaningful metrics for the library context; points out 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them; provides a template for creating personas; and includes first-hand accounts from library marketers.

Through strategic planning and development of policy and practice, we have begun to lay the foundation for a culture of assessment in our library — a culture in which decisions are based on facts, research and analysis and where services are designed to maximize the benefit for our patrons Phipps, On February 20, , the new Henry Madden Library at our university opened to the public. Many librarians have experienced the pain of losing access to online journal content when it changes from one publisher to another.

Often librarians are not even aware that journals are moving publisher until they hear from angry users. Other problems encountered after journal transfers include losing access to archives, differing access rights and establishing correct subscription information. To gain information to help us better understand our librarian customers, Elsevier marketing colleagues recently surveyed academic librarians regarding their changing roles.

From the more than 6, email addresses worldwide to which we sent the survey invitation, we received replies. The depth and extent of the current economic downturn have affected all of us in both our professional and personal lives. Strategic thinking and careful planning are absolutely critical when the focus is on surviving rather than thriving. To a certain extent, this is not a new scenario for libraries. We have always had to plan carefully.

The [second] chart shows the rise in article output in four countries that participated in Research4Life Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Bulgaria , compared to Japan, which did not. One of our primary goals as a publisher and information solutions provider is to enable advancement in research. Today's patrons expect information in the palm of the hand.

Using cell phones as their primary interface, patrons expect university libraries to seamlessly meet their information needs on the go. Based on a poster we presented at the ALA Annual Conference, this article discusses leading strategies that innovative academic libraries are using to deliver services through mobile devices. As an example of how we walk the talk, through posting messages, images and slides to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, we made our ALA poster mobile-accessible in real time. While libraries have been inundated with talk of Web 2. Originally a joint venture between W.

Saunders, Mosby and Lippincott, MD Consult brings reference books, journal articles, Clinics, drug monographs and patient handouts together into one convenient online service — delivering trusted medical information to help physicians make better treatment decisions and improve patient care. Here, Doyle follows up on that talk and gives additional thoughts about how mobile access is changing the role of academic libraries.

Participating in the program along with other publishers, Elsevier is providing the content from 28 journals. Building on the authoritative scholarship of the past is a critical component of progress in academic study. How can researchers identify authoritative, trustworthy sources for their research? CrossRef, the not-for-profit organization of publishers that makes reference linking in scholarly content possible, is creating tools to help researchers identify what content can be trusted.

Two programs, CrossCheck Plagiarism Screening and the soon-to-bepiloted CrossMark program, address this need from different angles. Traditional indicators of trust have included the reputation of the author and the institute in which her or his research was done; the status of a journal in which an article appears; and the reputation of a particular publisher.

More recently, citation data have become a popular, if overused, indicator, and now usage statistics have entered the frame. Clifford A. Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information Dec 28, In recent decades, some borders defining traditional disciplinary research activities have been dissolving.

Indeed, the borders between some disciplines have increasingly dissolved. As these boundaries blur or melt, research libraries have to respond to these changes. As China is opening its doors to foreign higher-education providers, international educational cooperation programs of various levels have been approved by the Chinese government. Various members of the publishing and research community are collaborating to develop an open, independent identification system for scholarly authors which would become the industry standard.

Over the last 6 years, Monash University has revitalized its research strategy to position the university to contribute to Australia and the international community through focusing on solutions for issues of local and global consequence. Thousands of health workers and researchers benefit from this access and, in turn, contribute to improved world health. How many times have you read through a lengthy article to find the kernel of information you needed?

And then gone back to that article sometime in the future and had to repeat the process? Multiply your lost time by the 1. The Wolfram Demonstrations Project is an instructional applet website with more than 5, knowledge spaces. Interested in learning more about embedded library and information services?

At Makerere University in Uganda, finding ways to share knowledge and information throughout a country with limited Internet access is nothing less than an institutional priority. She travels regularly with a team of doctors, nurses and midwives to train rural health workers, inform community members, and influence health outcomes. What trends will flourish this year as the number of handheld devices continues to grow? What guidelines will librarians follow in determining how to design and develop apps for users?

How will new devices, apps and technologies influence eBook publishing? When the UK was hit with its worst snowfall since in November , Sheffield Hallam University SHU library staff viewed it as an opportunity to further plunder new methods of online and mobile communication. We used Twitter, blogs and RSS feeds to get the word out to just over 30, students and around 6, staff spread over two campuses.

In pondering the future of academic libraries and, in particular, their traditional collections, I found it doubly ironic that I was asked to write this article. This flies in the face of common wisdom that physical libraries and collections are a thing of the past. In , the Cooperation E-Media Austria was founded by an initiative of 21 libraries of federal state universities.

The cooperation was set up as a buying syndicate for electronic resources. Consortia licenses for e-journals were at that time based on print subscriptions held at the participating libraries. Subsequently, most institutions paid for print and online subscriptions. In his essay in The Atlantic , Vannevar Bush imagines an office information machine that would instantly produce files and materials on any needed subject while the researcher sat at his own desk.

His Memex system was never built, but the idea of it has inspired decades of research and development toward an effective one-stop-shopping information system. When the Welch Medical Library sat down with its users in to imagine its future, the vision it created was of a single source for all needed biomedical scholarly material, available wherever the user was.

Robert Schwarzwalder, Stanford University Dec 28, After decades of expanding library facilities on American university campuses, the last few years have brought news of library closures and consolidations. While the economic turbulence of the last few years has accelerated this trend, I see it as the natural evolution of our profession.

Whether we, and our profession, prosper or decline in the coming years will depend upon our ability to adapt to the changing nature of information access. Libraries that make the effort to support faculty members early in their careers have the best opportunity to cultivate lifelong library advocates and supporters. Three Finnish libraries made great progress in that initial cultivation by hosting, in partnership with Elsevier, very successful author seminars in mid-April.

More than young scientists attended the seminars in each location - Aalto University, University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland. After a short introduction by the host library, Executive Publisher Jaap van Harten spoke about:. In developing countries, libraries are often a hub of activity not only for information resources and services, but also for building foundational skills and knowledge within various user groups.

With funding from an Elsevier Foundation grant, the Learning Resource Center LRC at Thai Nguyen University was able to substantially boost Vietnamese scholarship and scientific, technical and medical information exchange for scholars in Thai Nguyen Province and the north mountainous area of Vietnam. Marketing your library www. Each spring, Best Practices for Government Libraries puts out its call for submissions, and government librarians — along with others who have something of interest to share with that community — get writing.

As the Senior Information Professional for Government at LexisNexis, I am constantly learning about innovative and noteworthy efforts in government library environments. Best Practices showcases those efforts and facilitates the exchange of information about significant initiatives and innovations in federal, state, local, military and court libraries. IUPUI University Library is committed to connecting users with information in transformative and accessible platforms. One such platform is the mobile website, UL Mobile, which offers streamlined interfaces to:.

At a conference, on the subway, in line for coffee — you never know where you or your users might want to access digital resources. With SciVerse Mobile Applications, articles, abstracts and other content of interest are available whenever and wherever you want. SciVerse ScienceDirect and Scopus users can now search for and download peer-reviewed journal articles on their handheld devices. They can also identify and introduce themselves to published peers, researchers and professors they meet by finding profile information instantly.

Every day librarians solve a multitude of challenges to get their users the best information and resources to address specific needs in a timely manner. But what if certain solutions take more resources than you have on hand or an expertise that is not readily available? An app on SciVerse might be the answer.

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Elsevier launched the Apps for Library Idea Challenge to engage the global librarian community in a discussion about real user problems and generate ideas for apps that can solve them. To meet the needs of researchers and other library users, librarians must analyze data from a multitude of sources, including usage reports. Usage reports illuminate the who, what, when and where of access to electronic resources, allowing librarians to make more informed decisions about how to best serve their user communities.

We've shown a rapid rise in usage across UK universities, as well as notable differences in patterns of use in different subject areas and different institutions. But one of the most interesting features of the analysis investigates relationships between levels of usage and research performance. Marketing has become a popular practice in libraries and is the buzz word for connecting library users to services.

It carries several meanings and is often used interchangeably with terms such as promotion, public relations and publicity. Marketing can be described as a process of identifying and satisfying human and social needs — needs that may be fulfilled through creating, communicating and delivering value to the customers. For libraries, marketing translates as selling or promoting services, where the customer is the center of the activity. By supporting university administration with reports and data needed to achieve institutional goals, the library can position itself with those key decision makers as a vital resource and engaged member of the team.

These kinds of initiatives can ensure the library has a voice at the table, and a case for the budget to carry out its activities. At Albertsons Library being user-centered is at the heart of our decision-making. We focus our collective staff energy on what our users want and need. How do we know? We ask them. In focus groups, in LibQual surveys, at the reference desk, and in course evaluations - we ask, we listen and we act on their requests.

Librarians are incorporating IMPS into websites and pedagogy, and using them to reach students and faculty across campus. By Dr. One might argue that the first step in marketing is to consider the needs and wants of customers and then create a product, service or place that addresses those needs and wants. At Kasetsart University Library we did just that, looking at learning in the context of a digital generation of students and responding with a new place designed to support their learning. We converted an existing traditional library space into the Kasetsart University Learning Center KULC , an environment that attracts students and focuses on e-learning.

If it sounds familiar, you need to consider or reconsider the vital task of internal marketing - that is, marketing to university or institutional leaders. Skip to main content. Get the latest articles and downloads sent to your inbox in a monthly newsletter. Search Terms. Saluting our key library liaison as the outreach continues By Library Connect Sep 16, Library entrepreneurship: taking a lesson from business history By Alvin Hutchinson, Smithsonian Libraries Aug 27, Ensemble cast: reinventing first-year library orientation to feature all departments Mallory Jallas and Kevin Moore, Gettysburg College Jun 12, Creating social media committees to increase your library's social presence Nina Verishagen, Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library Jun 12, Webinar: June 27 Staying visible, relevant and connected with your research community: tips tools and trends from three progressive librarians With Anna Marie Johnson, Clare Withers, Katherine Stephan May 29, Conversations with global academic and research library leaders Patrick Lo, University of Tsukuba, Japan Apr 22, Reimagining outreach to students: A tale of two Florida academic libraries Barbara G.

Download the Library Connect Digest Feb 4, University of Florida George A. Top 10 most popular Library Connect articles of Dec 20, Say it loud and say it proud: the superhero approach to being a librarian scholar! Information literacy resources for librarians and their library users Oct 1, Tackling current and future use collection assessments through one dashboard By Melissa Goertzen, Consultant and Information Manager Sep 28, Download the Library Connect Digest Sep 5, Training and development for librarians: Why bother?

Get the latest articles and downloads sent to your inbox in a monthly newsletter.

Herzog Jun 18, How to get stakeholder buy-in for implementing emerging technologies in your academic library By Ida A. Joiner, Universal Academy May 25, Exploring the need for a research data management librarian academy Apr 24, Librarians at the forefront of change in advancing information literacy in higher education By Clarence Maybee, Purdue University Libraries Mar 29, Watch the webinar.

Mar 12, How rich data and a versatile research information system fuel world-class library research services By Scott Taylor, The University of Manchester Library Jan 31, How are librarians harnessing the power of visuals? Survey findings: Librarians, researchers and open access publishing Oct 25, Taking the pain out of open access compliance is a win for the library By Hollie Hayward, Elsevier Oct 25, Frankfurt Book Fair Panel: What role will the library and publishing play in the future?

Oct 10, Tracking student success in literature search as they avoid detrimental detours Oct 4, Jean Shipman takes on role as Elsevier ambassador to the library community. Literature search — download a helpful handout for library users in their most desperate hour Apr 7, Knowledge discovery through text analytics: advances, challenges and opportunities By Akhilesh K.

Providing literature support as part of the biomedical research team By Pamela Shaw, Northwestern University Feb 27, Download the Library Connect Digest Feb 1, Do you want to be an LIS journal editor? A five-point plan to become an acknowledged copyright authority By Lesley Ellen Harris, Copyrightlaws. What emerging healthcare trends will affect medical librarians over the next 10 years?

Promote information literacy skills this summer with Camp Research Library poster Jun 8, Register for Scopus webinars in English or German — even power users learn a lot! Articles explore role of gender in research performance Mar 7, Download the Library Connect Digest Jan 25, Get the infographic! Librarians considering telecommuting, consider this Nov 24, Library Connect would like to thank Jamene Brooks-Kieffer for her thoughtful and comprehensive post below on issues to consider in telecommuting. She telecommutes regularly from her home in Lawrence, Kansas.

Author's note: Before embarking on any marketing activities, you will first want to consider the culture of your organization and ensure you are not in violation of any organizational or departmental policies or procedures. What does "Non Solus" mean in Elsevier's logo? Nov 24, While social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, among others, may be new to some librarians, a library blog, meaning a forum used on behalf of a library or information resource center, is a more established communications channel.

This is great news. Sharing your library marketing plan Andrea Cowen, Elsevier Nov 23, In my previous blog post I focused on how to write a library marketing plan. Plans are often abandoned because we do not know the next steps to take, or we do not get internal buy in. I recently read a blog post by marketing strategist Mike Gospe that addresses these points.

The Librarian's Nitty-Gritty Guide to Content Marketing

He emphasizes strong internal communications to ensure your marketing plan gets off the ground and is adopted by co-workers. Libraries are continuing to evolve, but what about library marketing? Andrea Cowan, Elsevier Nov 23, Keeping book lovers, researchers and technophiles in the library loop. Library Connect is pleased to introduce a new blog series, Inventions for the Library , our first-ever blog series written exclusively by guest bloggers from around the globe.

Joe Walsh, Elsevier Nov 23, Quick, fill in the blanks:. Want to Save Time on ScienceDirect?

Users spend a lot of time following article links to download PDFs and then saving and renaming them individually. In , when the Document Download Manager launched, it was compatible with only a few browsers. But the list of compatible browsers has expanded, so that the service is today available for researchers using any of a good number of browsers.

Save these Charleston Conference sessions to your calendar Oct 29, The eBooks Savings Calculator Oct 22, Supporting diverse and dispersed library users of child development resources By Kisha Sawyers, University of the West Indies Oct 5, Library Connect in the Studio with Dr. Sep 30, Library Advocacy Toolkit Sep 28, The following information can help librarians plan and execute an advocacy campaign, or focus on individual lobbying efforts.

Data literacy in support of Research 2. Now available: Rise of the databrarian - webinar, slides and resources Sep 23, Now available: Creative data services in libraries - webinar, slides and resources Sep 23, The databases are just the tip of the iceberg Repositioning the library for the global stage. Is it time to re-envision the role of academic librarians in faculty research? Endeavour College librarians enhance knowledge and usage of Mendeley via certification program training Jun 29, Journey from entomologist to librarian By Judith E.

Pasek, University of Wyoming Jun 22, Research data services for compliance, collaboration and scholarship May 27, Apr 20, Carol Tenopir answers questions from academic, special and public librarians on starting a research project Apr 20, Now available Building a professional identity: from research to impact Apr 15, Flying Solo: Could you manage a one-person library? New infographic to download and share Apr 9, Librarians Do Research Too! Librarians gain more than knowledge by signing up for Mendeley certification Feb 23, Download the Library Connect Digest Jan 14, A role for the library in awakening to the power and potential of institutional metrics for research Interview with Prema Arasu, Kansas State University Olathe Dec 4, New White Paper makes recommendations for improved usage, discovery and access of e-content in libraries Oct 13, The content supply chain faces three core problems with the current state of data quality.

All of these issues can prevent users from getting to the resources they need. From ebooks to usage metrics at the Charleston Conference Oct 10, Library Connect Photo Contest Sep 11, Kazakhstani librarians explore emerging global trends in university library development By Aliya Sarsembinova, Nazarbayev University Aug 7, Applications now being accepted for Library Connect Charleston Conference Award for first-time presenters Aug 6, Elsevier Metrics Development Program now open for proposals Aug 4, Librarians and Research Impact - Download and share the new infographic Jun 8, Altmetrics tell a story, but can you read it?

Going beyond bibliometric and altmetric counts to understand impact By Kristi Holmes, Northwestern University May 27, What are researchers looking for in corporate and academic library services? Download the infographic: Research data starter steps for libraries Mar 19, This is the complete article originally shared as a three-part series.

Download the PDF. This article is the third in a three-part series. Potential Pilot Projects. This article is the second in a three-part series. Sign up for Library Connect RSS to be alerted immediately when part 3 pilot projects and starter steps checklist is published. Sallans Dec 13, SciTech Connect: Insight into books and events in 20 subject areas Dec 13, Designing libraries for research collaboration in the network world By Sheila Corrall, University of Pittsburgh Dec 13, On a January afternoon in New Orleans in , I carefully positioned my ALA program across my chest to partially cover my conference badge.

I was hiding the fact that I was not an invited guest of Elsevier, but a competitor. Faces and interfaces: The eBook ordering experience Oct 28, The first place we go for information Oct 28, Quick Click: Interested in gamification for your library? Aug 27, Quick Click: Scopus export limits increase to 20, records Aug 27, Quick Click: Mendeley library guides Aug 27, Aug 15, Science Library works closely with Elsevier to support young research scientists at Mahidol University Aug 14, Mendeley and librarians building bridges to make academic researchers more social and more productive Jun 3, Taking care of research data: Outcome of a seminar on managing data integrity in research Henk van den Hoogen, University Library Maastricht University Mar 18, Where research goes, so go research libraries and scholarly communication Catherine Murray-Rust, Georgia Institute of Technology Feb 26, Research data driving new services David Marques, Elsevier Feb 25, Make your spirits bright with seasonal articles from ScienceDirect Dec 18, Tips for creating and sharing instructional videos By Chad F.

Boeninger, Ohio University Oct 30, Astronomy librarians connect with users and advance their agenda at global astronomical conference Marsha Bishop, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Robert J.

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Back to basics: Sheetal Tank builds an information literacy program to address core skill levels Oct 23, Library leaders share best practices in Asia-Pacific seminar series — videos and presentations now available online Sep 14, Quick Click: Creative career development resources for your postdocs and grad students Jun 14, Quick Click: Stay current with the latest e-book offerings and resources Jun 14, Technology and the library: Snapshot of trends Jun 11, Stage 1 — Staff development for library employees. Tools of the trade: A librarian lens on academic technology Jun 11, Sustainability is the key.

Grant applications now being accepted for Innovative Libraries in Developing Countries program Apr 27, Quick Click: A world for your words Mar 16, More than 11, researchers have used the service since it was introduced two years ago. Nordic librarians explore the role of academic libraries Michaela Kurschildgen, Elsevier Mar 13, Providing tools to gauge research productivity Mar 13, Defining and measuring outcomes for better management Mar 13, Helping to create world-class researchers Mar 13, Supporting research innovation and collaboration through library initiatives By Renee Reagon, Stellenbosch University Mar 13, Peek Into the Past Jan 17, How to Get Published Jan 17, A leadership shortage.

To connect with today's library users, librarians need to implement and stay abreast of the latest communications technologies and tools By Aaron Tay, National University of Singapore Jan 17, Librarians are engaging in new roles, such as helping to improve the discoverability and raise the impact of their researchers' academic publications By M.

Being "Librarian 2. Associations, Schools, and Libraries Offer Support. Write Now! Writing from Presentations Jan 4, Peer Review Jan 4, Lessons Learned as Author and Editor Jan 4, Surround yourself with current reference resources. Start Small — Think Big Jan 3, Manuscript Organization and Components Jan 3, Seeking to Publish? Prepare for Success! Jan 3, Developing Your Project. Introductory Comments by James Mouw Jan 3, The backstory. So, you want more money for your library? You are hardly alone. Introductory Comments by Sarah Thomas Jan 3, Following are some of his thoughts.

Challenges facing academic research. Phase 1 summary.