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There are also others who are not so great.

Agatha Christie Story - Death on the Nile

Sand just sat there, shaking his head. She read about what happened to me, and gave me a call. Something about Cindy and the story. Download sample. Show sample text content out of her league. Chasing Destiny. Cindy put her hands on her head to keep waves of dizziness from overwhelming her. What then? For a second, she wondered who she would call to say goodbye to. With a shock she realized that Clint was gone, that she was alone.

The plane dipped and swooped for what seemed like eternity. Cindy prayed silently for life, for strength, for time to help others, until slowly, the harsh winds died down. What other turbulence lay ahead? Thankfully, the landing in Grenada was smooth, and the airport was so empty at this early hour that Cindy picked up her luggage and went through security and customs without a glitch. She walked out into the main airport, looking at the tropical trees and blue skies and took a deep breath.

It was good to be back in the Caribbean again. As she walked slowly to the passenger pick up, Cindy scanned the place for Dalia, who was supposed to meet her there. There were only a few men waiting for passengers; signs in their hands. Cindy paused and sat down on her luggage. She closed her eyes and let the warm, sweet breezes caress her face. Dalia would arrive soon.

She would talk about them forever, too. Cindy also remembered the long talks they used to have about the future.

Death by Divorce (Caribbean Murder Series, Book 2)

Dalia had always wanted to be an artist or a nurse. Cindy had wanted to be a reporter for the biggest newspaper around. A tall, slender, beautiful woman in her thirties with flowing auburn hair was rushing towards her. She had a blue silk printed tropical shirt on, shorts, and lots of bracelets.

You look so different. So many years have gone by. Cindy stepped back and smiled. You look beautiful, glamorous. Dalia bowed her head a little and then looked up. Back then she wore her hair short and close to her face, and was often awkward and volatile. This was a whole new person greeting Cindy now. That very second, I had a flash to call you and ask for help. Dalia was living with big hopes that Cindy had no idea if she could fulfill. It was natural. Dalia was obviously still in that phase. Cindy suddenly realized how warm and thirsty and she felt. It is great, memorable to say the least, it's about Cindy and the cop Mattheus.

It deals with murder in the Caribbean. The real jewel is it deals with family, past lost, emotions. It follows the lives of Cindy and Mattheus thru the whole series. Read one or all, you will throughly enjoy this series. Series of 16, first to the last, all are great stories. Apr 17, Courtney rated it liked it. Good read. I think the grammar was a little off and could do with another check before it was actually printed for sale.

Also, felt like the end was a little rushed. There was so much working up to finding the killer only for you to get about 10 pages on finding who actually did and solving the crime.

Jaden Skye

Kept me interested in the book but other than that not much else. This one was a quick read. Although, I listened to it while I worked. The story line was easy going and the characters where established. Because of the easy going story line, there were some things that I felt were not completely taken care of - for instance, the split personality. I was happy when Mattheus appeared - he is my favorite character in this series.

Jan 06, John M. Something to read.

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I enjoyed reading the first book in the series, so I decided to read the next one. Didn't like it as much as. Read the first two chapters of the next book, not sure I will read it.

Caribbean Murder series

Looks like they all be bashful the same. As entertaining as the first I started this series as a summer reading series and I am loving it. The books are quick east reads. The characters are interesting and somewhat mysterious.

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The plots always have a twist at the end. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Aug 10, April Bathgate rated it liked it. The story line is okay, but my goodness, this author needs a better editor! So many errors that could have been avoided had someone taken the time to proofread! Apr 21, Michelle rated it it was ok.

A quick read but filled with typos which became distracting at times. Jul 15, Sue Harris rated it liked it. Good, but I didn't think it as good as the first in the series. Apr 08, sharon stubbs rated it really liked it. I like this book as good as the first one. I really like the characters Cindy and Matteus. Not as good as the first but still enjoyable. The narrator did a good job. Jan 21, Wendy rated it liked it. This book had the potential to be a solid 4.

I knew the first book had problems and I overlooked them because, well, it was her first book and we all have to learn from our mistakes. She didn't learn by book 2. The punctuation is just atrocious Quotation marks were backwards or inserted in the wrong place and the commas!!

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Sweet Lord have mercy but there were so many in the book that I thought may This book had the potential to be a solid 4. Sweet Lord have mercy but there were so many in the book that I thought maybe she had a twitch in her "comma" finger and it kept hitting the key without her realizing it. Seriously, seriously bad. I'm usually not one to critique too harshly on editing because every book is going to have an error or two - plus I don't want that to take away from my enjoyment of the story so I ignore most - but that just couldn't be done with Death by Divorce. I actually caught myself counting how many commas were on a page before I even began to read it.

In addition to punctuation issues, there were also some gender change up issues.

Jaden Skye Book List - FictionDB

For example she was writing about a "smiling man" whom she referred to as "she" in the same sentence and then again before the paragraph was over. Now, I know we have this transgender thing going on and I'm cool with that but I kind of like to simplify things in my head when I am reading - so was it a smiling MAN or was it a smiling SHE - or was it a man-she smiling or a smiling she-man?? See, now you're confused! The writing could be a little immature at times and made Cindy seem like a dim-witted high school girl.

For example, after meeting Mattheus one time and he treated her a coldly at that meeting , "she was glad he was coming to pick her up and forgot about changing into a professional outfit. She was so excited about seeing someone who treated her poorly on their first meeting that it caused her to forget to change her clothes?? Oh, and let's not forget that her deceased husband has only been gone less than 6 months.

OMG, this one I love: "Ames has been missing 3 weeks and 8 days. I'm not sure about other people, but I usually call that 4 weeks and a day. It was awesome! Ok, ok, enough about the things that drove me crazy and gave me a good laugh at times. The reason I gave this book 3 stars instead of 1 is because I love the concept of the book. I loved crazy Dahlia Anyway, I love that the books are set in the Caribbean and we get a taste of different exotic locations.

Oh, and I love the authors name Jaden Skye just rocks. Now, after reading my review you would probably think I would never read another "Death by I already own all but 4 and I plan on reading every one of them