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Missing Information?. See details. See all 2 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Mods change the game of Minecraft, both in ways that can be small and simple, such as better lighting or new creatures to fight, or they can literally reshape the game from the ground up, turning it into something entirely different and new. Enter Master the Mods!

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This guide gives an overview of what mods are, what types of mods exist, and how to easily install them. Whether you're trying mods for the first time or are already familiar with the wide world of mods, Master the Mods! Master Builder 3.

Published Apr The smash hit video game Minecraft continues to grow in popularity and in gameplay, adding more features and updating existing ones to make them richer and more complex. Players who mastered the basics with Minecrafter and leveled up with Minecrafter 2. Readers can delve into the complex advanced-player worlds of Brewing, Enchanting, and Farming for items and experience and learn how to start making the Holy Grail of Minecraft creations: the megabuild, and make it look great by learning how to use visual boosters like skins, resource packs, and shaders.

This book details the brand-new modes of play, such as the drama-filled Adventure maps that present a whole new set of challenges for advanced players to complete. As the game has evolved, so has the player-favorite Redstone system, and dozens if not hundreds of new mods, mini-games, servers, and builders have come into being. This gamer's guidebook also contains the most up-to-date information on the latest updates, including some game-changing new features, helping you achieve expert Minecrafter status. Published Feb Dig all the diamonds you want, build the biggest castle, or even kill the Ender Dragon, but everyone knows there's one thing that makes a true Minecraft master: the ability to build with Redstone.

Redstone is the most complex and least understood part of the Minecraft world, and using it well is the most respected and sought-after skill in the game. Few players learn everything they need to know to use Redstone effectively solely through gameplay. Enter Minecraft: The Ultimate Guide to Redstone, an easy-to-understand guide to mastering this mysterious ore.

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Readers will find a step-by-step tutorial from the most general, basic concepts of Redstone, such as how to use the right tools to mine the greatest amount of it, all the way through to actual project completion on the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. This manual includes a comprehensive breakdown of each and every Redstone-related item and how it works, as well as a guide to wiring and engineering that's so precise, those who use it will have a basic working knowledge of actual, real-life electrical wiring.

Also included are samples from the best Redstone engineers and a gallery of creations to inspire you in your Redstone builds. Published Nov Brought to you by the authors and editors that created the Minecrafter and Minecrafter 2. Published Jul Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time, with more than 35 million participants having made the game a global craze. In The Ultimate Minecraft Creator, players at all levels can fully explore the most popular aspect of the game: building. Including detailed, colorful guides to builds of various sizes—with tips for aesthetic concerns and giant builds—this book is a must-have guide for even the most advanced of experts.

It has more original, expert-created content than any other source available online or in print in North America: more hints, tips, and cheats to get the most out of players' Minecraft gaming time and dollars. Published May With the help of the easy-to-master steps in this book, even a novice gambler can go from being a traditional blackjack player to a card counter—an advantage player with a true edge over the house.

For a dozen years, Frank Scoblete was a devastating card-counter, consistently beating casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Tunica, Mississippi and angering the casino bosses by knowing more about how to win money than almost anyone who ever challenged a casino.

Minecrafter : The Unofficial Guide To Minecraft & Other Building Games.

He employed sophisticated methods, including card-counting and little-known advantage-play techniques to turn the tables on the house. I Am a Card Counter is an essential resource for any gambler looking to succeed at the blackjack table. Minecrafter 2. As they say, the sky's the limit in Minecraft. This might seem like an easy question to answer, and in a basic sense, the definition of "Biome" in Minecraft is pretty straightforward: Biomes are the different types of land you can find in Minecraft.

However, there are actually two distinct types of Biomes that can be found in the game. For this book, we'll call them "Area Biomes" and "Feature Biomes," respectively, and you'll notice when you play that you'll often find them existing together, with the Feature Biome set within the larger Area Biome. Area Biomes: We use this term in Minecrafter to refer to the large sections of land that contain certain plants, mobs and aesthetics for instance, Desert Biomes are mostly yellow and tan with little life, while the Jungle Biome is lush with life and is full of deep greens and browns.

When running around the world of Minecraft, Area Biomes are what you'll most often be in when above ground, and the border between one Area Biome and the next is usually pretty easy to see, as the ground will change color from one Biome to the next.

Think of Area Biomes as different types of nature, or environments. Feature Biomes: Where Area Biomes refer to areas where certain plants and mobs live, Feature Biomes are more recognizable by their shape. Think of them as natural structures, including Beaches, Rivers, Ravines and Hills. Caves aren't technically considered a Biome, but we've included them with Feature Biomes as they have many similarities. Other than the obvious reason that you want to be an ultra-level, super-guru, Minecrafter genius-person, there is an important practical reason that knowing your various Biomes is a great idea: some items, mobs, structures and even Feature Biomes exist mostly or even exclusively in specific Biomes.

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For instance, say you're looking for a lot of Wood and you need it really quickly. Well, if you know your Biomes, you know to stay away from the Desert Biome, and hopefully there's a Jungle Biome nearby. Ready to go cave-diving? The Extreme Hills Biome is your best bet, and you're unlikely to find what you're looking for in the Jungle. The fact that not all Biomes are created equal, and that some contain resources you'll need more often like Wood and others don't, also makes it important to know Biomes at the beginning of your game when choosing a spot for a home.

There's nothing worse than building a super-sweet house and then realizing that you'll have to hoof it about five minutes to the north to get more Wood because you built your home in a Biome without many trees. So now that you know why you'll be an even better Crafter when you get your Biome game on lock-down, let's get into it! While we're not going to get into the crazy math that goes behind each Biome it's out there online, if you're interested , we are going to give you a basic idea of what each Biome is like, what you can find there, why you might want to visit it and whether or not it's a good spot to build a base.

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We've simplified the info for the Feature Biomes, as they are more about looks and things don't spawn exclusively in them. It usually features plenty of mobs both hostile and friendly roaming about, and you can sometimes find caves, lakes, Villages and Lava pools scattered around it. Reasons to Visit: It's peaceful and has plentiful Grass for Seeds and peaceful mobs to hunt. It's also good for later in the game when you have a lot of resources and want a big space to build something in.

Good for a Base? Only on the edges.

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Building too far into the Plains will lead to lots of time spent running to Forest Biomes and others with more resources, but building on the edges of the Plains can be fun. Another very common Biome, the Forest Biome is one of the most useful early in the game, as they provide large amounts of Wood. Reasons to Visit: You need Wood! Also, they are excellent for mob hunting, even in the day, as the shadows created by Trees are ideal for keeping hostile mobs spawned. The easy access to wood makes Forests great for your first base, though you might want to find an edge of the Forest so that you don't have to clear out so many leaves.

What It's Like: Sparse of life and resources, the Desert is pretty cool-looking, but is not a great place to spend large amounts of time unless it is near another, more resource-heavy Biome.