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A to Z Index. While they push themselves to pedal 15, KM in some of the harshest terrains and dangerous places in the world, they also let the journey carry them where it wants to.

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At times, they simply go with the flow and There was nothing outstanding about this book, which is why I liked it so much. At times, they simply go with the flow and take the time along the way to meet the people and get to know their ways of life. Often times with adventure travelogues you get an author who just wants to impress upon you just how incredible his or her feet is, or makes every encounter seem like a life or death situation. But it really feels like these authors simply rode and told the stories along the way as they occurred.

The book moves at a reasonably fast pace, as you don't get an account of every single day.

And the authors admit that on many days of their day journey they simply spun all day, then made camp. But the book also doesn't seemed rushed either.

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The writing is good, not great, but that fits with the authors themselves and is part of, again, why I liked it so much. Most readers probably couldn't see themselves doing something like this before starting this book. But as you read it you realized that they were nothing special, only that they put a lot of time and effort into their journey and took the chance to try something no one had done before.

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  • I may have over rated this, but let me explain. I read this book aloud with a friend, one chapter each, while we were backpacking through China. The story perfectly captured the spirit of travel an adventure, at a much more difficult time than we were doing it.

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    The book that made me start thinking no more in dreams but in possibilities. Love the thoughts of Andy in chapter one. Something a bit different and a really good story about a journey across 3 continents by bicycle. Neil Wilson rated it it was ok Oct 29, Guy Barratt rated it it was amazing Sep 09, Ian rated it really liked it May 16, Philip Sutcliffe rated it liked it Jun 17, Tim Simpkins rated it it was amazing Jul 25, Sally rated it really liked it Mar 20, Leza rated it really liked it Oct 27, Heather rated it liked it Jun 05, Forgedbygeorges rated it really liked it Feb 18, Justine rated it it was ok Jan 07, Light in color and subtle.

    Thin legs and great aroma. Really good aroma.

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    Smells sweet on the nose with no brashness. Scent of light syrup, corn, caramel, and wonderful wet oak. Slight spice on the palate but not over bearing. Clove, ginger, white pepper, lime zest.

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    Menthol on the breath, sweet pickles, candied ginger, and honey. Great experimental concept done on the other side of the world that resembles a touch of American rye bourbon but not quite Scotch. Wonderful contrast of West meets East. Glad I cracked it for New Years ' Wasn't disappointed. Thank You. Overall 8.