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Forum list. Search forums. The Traits are grouped into pairs associated with four elemental "Rings" respectively to above : Earth , Water , Fire and Air. There is a fifth Ring, called Void. This ring, like the other four, is taken from Miyamoto Musashi 's The Book of Five Rings , although "Nothingness" is a better translation of the text. There are primarily two methods of creating characters in role-playing games: to roll dice to randomly generate attributes or to begin with a set number of points and a formula by which attributes can be purchased with these points.

Legend of the Five Rings uses the latter method. Each new character begins with 40 "Character Points" to spend to create the character except for ronin characters, which begin with In previous versions of the game, characters started with 30 points, or 45 for ronin. Conversely, if a player so chooses, he can select a number of Disadvantages for his character, which give extra Character Points to spend in other areas, but imposes some penalty on the character during play such as "Small", which decreases the damage the character can inflict with certain weapons, or "Bad Reputation", which causes a great number of NPCs to dislike the character.

Proper role-playing is encouraged to avoid combat when unnecessary, but the characters do have requisite abilities to survive if combat is forced in the early stages. It was decided to make this new version of Oriental Adventures a showcase for their recently acquired Legend of the Five Rings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Rokugan.

Archived from the original on Following in the footsteps of previous books in the series, the Book of Water examines the influence of Water on Rokugan, in every aspect from war to politics to the natural world. It explores war and politics in the Emerald Empire through the greatest works of strategy in the battlefield and the courts — the Book of Sun Tao and Otomo Madoko's The Subtlety of the Court.

The final volume of the Elemental Series presents the world of the strangest Element of all — the Void.


Infinite and yet unattainable, enigmatic and all-knowing, the Void suffuses every aspect of Rokugan. Those who master its secrets attain power like no others, but all too often the Void drives its acolytes to madness. Secrets, mysteries, and enigmas abound in every corner of the Emerald Empire, and this book explores them all. Acclaimed as one of the greatest books of the Legend of the Five Rings line, Emerald Empire was quickly grabbed up by players and Game Masters alike for its deep look at the intricacies of life in the land of Rokugan. This edition includes all of the information found in the previous edition, such as the various aspects of Rokugani life, politics, war, commerce, and the basic rhythms and rituals of daily existence.

The Emerald Empire of Rokugan has long been one of war and conflict, a great history forged at its heart by an unending sibling rivalry. The Great Clans of Rokugan were founded by the Kami, children of the Sun and Moon, and their adherence to their founders personalities and vows have defined the Empire. Each seeks to gain ground over the others, a continuing reflection of the Tournament of the Kami that set the Empire in motion so long ago. The Great Clans takes you deep into the psyche and w The Imperial Histories recount the triumphs of the Emerald Empire and the most noble Emperors who have lead it in shining glory.

At least, the official imperial May your stay here be as interesting and profitable as you desire! I strongly recommend that you do not venture outside the city until you have had an opportunity to receive some rudimentary training with the Second City Guardsmen, however. Compiled over a thousand years by adept historians, studied by scholars throughout the lands of the Jade Sun, and containing the wisdom of generations, these documents are a testament to the favor of the Heavens.

Their pages tell the story of an Empire that is destined for greatness. In a forgotten corner of the Empire of Rokugan lies the small Naishou province. Unremarkable in virtually every way for as long as anyone can remember, the provincial governor of Naishou died under mysterious circumstances some time ago, and since then, things in the province have gotten… interesting.

Intrigue and treachery have become the order of the day, and even the most honorable of samurai find themselves placed in impossible positions, both by the plots of enemies hidden in the shadows The Minor Clans, ronin, the Brotherhood of Shinsei, and even the Imperial families themselves are often overlooked in the schemes of the Great Clans, and often to the detriment of those who f Three vows that mean everything to a samurai.

To break any one is a sin deserving of death. To break all three is an affront to everything a samurai stands for; yet at times only sacrifice can mean victory. The assassination of a Crab Clan leader is the first in a web of events that sets the noble Imperial Magistrate Seppun Tashime on a journey through the Emerald Empire.

As his investigations unfold, the true, horrifying scope of what he must face becomes apparent. The screen is dour panels wide. It also commes with an exclusive adventure, "descent into Darkness" which takes PCs to a village desperately in a need of rescue from evil forces. Return to the Age of Heroes. The Player's Guide contains character creation and game play mechanics, and suggestions for building your own samurai or shugenja. This book is completely revised, containing a comprehensive treatment of the Way of the Clans and Winter Court sourcebooks.

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The best Asian style fantasy setting roleplaying game of this generation returns to its roots with its release this summer. A Sourcebook detailing the Time of the Lotus.

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What is special about this book is; Whichever it is Light or Dark, depends on the Fans! The Four Winds clash among themselves to determine who shall rule Rokugan. The Dark Lord Daigotsu makes plans to restore his evil god to his former glory. Yet even when a new Emperor is Rokugan has never belonged to humans alone.

Martial fights are not central to L5R; The game is about conflicting social obligations.

Ages before the dawn of the Empire, great civilizations built by non-human races such as the naga and the ogres marked the land, and although they are gone now, their descendants still dwell upon the earth and in the seas. Since the catastrophic Fall of Fu Leng, oni - the spawn of Jigoku and their terrible offspring - have walked the Shadowlands, warred against the Empire without cease, and even been summoned into Rokugan itself.

And of course, a dazzl One on one contests have long been a defining element of Rokugani society. From the famous iaijutsu duel to the challenge of wits between courtiers, the samurai of the Emerald Empire always seek to best one another and gain glory and honor for their Clan. The Art of the Duel brings new depth and variety to the challenges your samurai and shugenja can face, as well as new tools to overcome their foes!

This book features new rules and information for not only martial duels but also contests suc It is also a crucial resource for players who want to understand how their characters or the NPCs whom they encounter are expected to act, and think and feel, and how they are shaped by the world in which they live. Above all, Emerald Empire: The Legend of the Let the Kakita fret over their flower arrangements and leave the Isawa to their scrolls; we know that only steel and courage can preserve the Empire.

Of the Great Clans of Rokugan, three have always embraced the art of war with a dedication that their peers cannot match: the Crab, who keep the Shadowlands at bay by sheer force of arms; the Lion, whose founder wrote the definitive Rokugani treatise on military strategy; and the Unicorn, whose tradition of exceptional horsemanship and unconvent Prayers and Treasures is a comprehensive guide to magic in Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game Third Edition, encompassing not only the shugenja's art, but also the vast range of magic items that can be found in Rokugan.

Far from the fields of war, the Great Clans of Rokugan understand that politics and diplomacy - the arts of the court - are no less important to their ongoing fight for power and influence than the sword and the bow. This rules supplement for Legend of the Five Rings R PAGES, Third Edition features new and updated mechanics focusing on Social Skills and courtiers, descriptions of palaces that serve as a particularly important focal points of political and diplomatic activity, and profiles and NP To hear the voices of the kami is to hear eternity.

In the Emerald Empire, a samurai carries a sword and uses it to enact the will of his lord. In roughly one out of every one hundred births, however, there comes a child with that rarest and most enigmatic of gifts: the ability to speak to the kami. Existing at one with the universe, shugenja are able to entreat the substance of the world itself, the elemental spirits known as the kami that comprise all things, and invoke powerful spells that While the Great Clans are the Emerald Empire's most obvious movers of great events, they are not alone.

Almost since the dawn of the Empire, the Emperor has retained the right to create Minor Clans to reward those who have served him with great distinction, and they have carved out the right to be recognized as history.

Fealty and Freedom features new and updated character creation and development mechanics for all existing Minor Clans, the Imperial Families, and Ronin characters, as well as The return of a prophet promised a new age of enlightenment. Instead, his death has doomed the ruling dynasty of Rokugan! Now the throne of the Toturi Emperors stands empty, and the Empire finds itself without a master.

Already the Clans have begun to maneuver against each other in the prelude to war! The set in still unsealed with the original shrink wrap. Great for a collection! Product Description: This box set comes in a black slipcase with a gold foil Legend of the Five Rings logo stamped on both sides. For a thousand years, the mysterious Dragon Clan has cloistered themsevles away in their legendary mountain fortresses. Now, many of their secrets are revealed within the pages of the first book in the Way of the Clans series.

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For eight hundred years, the Ki-Rin Clan wandered the wastelands outside of Rokugan. Discover the secrets of Rokugan's most exotic Clan. Entrusted with the duty of protecting Rokugan from the unspeakable forces of the Shadowlands, the brutal Crab embrace their destiny as few other clans do.

The Crab hold the line against the Shadowlands as no one else can. Written by Rob Vaux. We are not misunderstood. We're just evil. But are the masters of deception really who they want you to believe they are? Written by Ree Soesbee. A thousand years ago, the Five Kingdoms of the Naga closed their eyes and dreamed of s distant future. The weave of time has opened, and the dance of Bloodlines and of Legends has begin anew. Prepare to unveil the hidden secrets of the Akasha. The Empire of Rokugan will never be the same. Information on the Akasha, the unconscious soul of all Naga, and on the enchantment of the Great Sleep, the spell that kept them hidden for years.

From their mighty Elemental Masters to the secret sorceries within their vaulted libraries, the Phoenix seek enlightenment through complete understanding of the metaphysical. While the Seven Houses argue, we fight against the darkness. As they struggle for dominance, we take only what has been denied us. And when the Great Clans have fallen, the Alliance will rise like the tide, to claim our destiny!

This sourcebook for Legend of the Five Rings contains information and background on nine of Rokugans most powerful Minor Clans, secrets behind the destruction of the Boar, Hare, and Snake clans, stats and skills for new peasant weapons, plus new Minor Clan Schools, Ances Honorless koku-grubbers who prey upon human weakness. The vendors and dealers of the Emerald Empire have always been sneered at by the powerful nobles above them.

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